You’re Doing It All Wrong… | The Podcast | Ep 1

Hosts Nick Collias and Dr. Krissy Kendall chat with special guest Bill Geiger about his robust history of training (and injuries) from the ‘80s onward. Learn from this fitness industry veteran’s triumphs and tragedies so you can stay in the game as long as he has! More Episodes â-º Full Transcript â-º | Highlights | – Bill’s lifting and injury history – Does “calf shame” count as an injury? – One way to train around a bum shoulder – The bodywork our hosts can’t live without – How to compete… the wrong way – Where the “12-week” transformation really came from – When a beginner is ready for “advanced” techniques? – Master this type of squat first – One unexpected advantage of the kettlebell – How much volume is too much? – The



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