Weight, Repetitions and Progressions Don’t Matter AT ALL

When it comes to the highest quality of your training, the weight, repetitions and progressions don’t matter AT ALL. Written article (MUST READ!) ➞ —- #TIMESTAMPS 0:15 Start 0:30 Measuring progress in training 0:55 Number of the weight, repetitions and progressions don’t really matter – they are only an indicator of strength 1:12 Your focus makes all the difference 2:13 It’s fine to test your body every now and then but that’s pretty much it 2:33 My training focuses solely on quality 2:40 The weight or repetitions don’t tell you much 2:55 The better you do the exercise, the weaker you will look doing the exercise 3:35 Progressions are no better 4:25 In the beginning it’s good to follow set x reps schemes 4:50 Start to develop se



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