Want To Do More Pull-ups – These 3 Things Helped me Go From 1 to 30 Pullups Fast – Beginners

Want to do more pull-ups but seem to be stuck at 5 or 10? Then this video is for you as I will share the 3 strategies I have used to go from doing just 1 to over 30 pullups fast. Join our free 21 day body weight home workout challenge here : Subscribe for more videos to help you get in shape – https:// I’m Peter Carvell, the guy in the video you are watching, thanks for stopping by the channel. Sixpack Factory is your one stop shop for burning fat, losing weight building muscle and as the name suggest achieving that six pack. Many of the workouts here are based just on your body-weight so you can workout at home without the need for equipment. Subscribe now and join the thousands



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