Update Studio: Breaking Through With Laura Horvath

At 19 years old, Laura Horvath surprised everyone by finishing seventh at the 2016 Meridian Regional. Horvath held her own on the competition floor against two-time Games champ Annie Thorisdottir, third-fittest woman on Earth Sara Sigmundsdottir and 2013 Games victor Samantha Briggs. “It was a huge surprise for me that I finished in seventh place,” she says. “I just went there to have fun and to compete with all those amazing girls.” With Sigmundsdottir’s move to the U.S., a spot in the Meridian Regional opens up. Find out how Horvath has been preparing for Regionals this year in her interview with CrossFit Games Update Show host Sean Woodland. The CrossFit Games — ( The CrossFit Games® – The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™



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