UNREAL FLEXIBLE GIRL – Queen of Flexibility (Stefanie Millinger)

The most Flexible Girl Stefanie Millinger (@stefaniemillinger) – Stefanie MILLINGER is an Austrian athlete and competes in Vaulting. Sporting philosophy: “Vaulting is my life.” ★ LIKE ★ COMMENT ★ SUBSCRIBE ★ SHARE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🏆 Medals description🏆: Olympic Games: Gold medal – First place Silver medal – Second place Bronze medal – Third place Ranked FEI World Equestrian Games™ Gold medal – First Place Silver medal – Second place Bronze medal – Third place Ranked ★ PLAYLISTS ★: â-º Sport Motivation: https:// â-º Workout, Calisthenics: https:// â-º Bodybuildin



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