The Weird, Gritty World of Contest Prep | The Podcast | Ep 20

Heather Eastman, a former NPC competitor, coach, and judge, as well as a content editor for, joins the show as co-host and digs deep into show prep. Are you thinking about aiming for the stage and wondering if it’s the right for you? Start here, and then decide. Strongest Deals of the Week â-º Top 50 Best Selling Supplements â-º Transcript â-º Article â-º | Highlights | – Why glutes are, indeed, the new pecs. And The Rock’s glutes in particular. – Is your personal training… personal? – “There’s more to be gained from doing an exercise 80% correctly versus trying to get 100% correct form every time.” Alert the form police! – Posing practice: The secret for your show success.



The CrossFit Games – Individual 1RM Snatch
2 years fa
150 visualizzazioni
Հաղորդում Street Workout Challenge միջոցառման մասին
2 years fa
284 visualizzazioni
Cosa mangiare prima, durante e dopo la maratona?
3 weeks fa
9 visualizzazioni
2014 Games
2 years fa
271 visualizzazioni
Bosu – Esercizi  per Rinforzare le Articolazioni e Migliorare Equilibrio e Postura
2 years fa
208 visualizzazioni
West Regional – Team Events 5 & 6
2 years fa
194 visualizzazioni
15 Minuti ad Alta Intensità: Allenamento HIIT Veloce
2 years fa
186 visualizzazioni
West Regional – Individual Event 5
2 years fa
153 visualizzazioni
Essa Obaid – Lord of Western Asia Bodybuilding
2 years fa
196 visualizzazioni
Team Wingate – STAY STRONG
2 years fa
207 visualizzazioni
Movement Flow Routine for Fat Loss
2 years fa
177 visualizzazioni
30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Burner Workout for Strength & Cardio
1 year fa
128 visualizzazioni

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