The USPA SoCal Open | Day 1 Red Platform | Powerlifting Meet

Enjoy our live stream of the USPA Drug Tested Southern California Open powerlifting meet at the Metroflex Gym Long Beach all weekend, this Oct. 7-8. Lifting begins daily at 9:00am Pacific Standard Time. Watch the Day 1 Blue Platform â-º Coupons & Promos â-º | Roster — Red Platform — Saturday, Day 1 | All Women and Men up to 75kg Red Platform Flight A Maria Magbanua Women Raw 44KG PL 24 Open CA Red A Yasmine Moriel Women Raw 48KG PL 20 JR CA Red A Sophia Duong Women Raw 48KG PL 21 JR CA Red A Natalie Do Women Raw 48KG BPO 20 JR CA Red A Natalie Do Women Raw 48KG PL 20 JR/Open CA Red A Angela Tronske Women Raw 52KG BPO 52 Master CA Red A Anne Larson Women Raw 52KG PL 55 Master CA Red A Johanne Aguinaldo Women Raw 52KG PL 20 JR CA Red A St



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