The 5 Most Common Gym Mistakes (2-2) | Buff Dudes: Journey for the Goblet of Gains

The Buff Dudes are here to help you solve the most common gym mistakes that sabotage the beginning and intermediate lifter. Free Buff Dudes: Journey for the Goblet of Gains Training Program â-º Buff Dudes Muscle-Building Stack â-º | The 5 Most Common Gym Mistakes | 1. Not Staying Consistent â-º 0:44 2. Not Following a Plan â-º 1:17 3. Giving Up After Not Seeing Results Immediately â-º 1:49 4. Poor Nutrition â-º 2:25 5. Poor Form â-º 2:49 At the halfway point in your journey, you’ve accomplished a lot, but nothing gets easier from here on. Your mental approach is now more important than ever. The road from here to the goblet is full of pitfalls and dead ends, some of which you may be contributing to yourself. But fear not, your intrepid g



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