Sink or Swim? | Week 2 | Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron

Kris Gethin, running down a trail in the middle of a rainstorm? Yup. Welcome to a new world of fitness in this week’s episode of Man of Iron. Kris Gethin’s Pre-Intra-Post Supplement Stack â-º Free & Flat Rate Shipping on Kaged Muscle Supplements | Look for the B-Elite Badge â-º Kris Gethin’s Man of Iron Training Program â-º “It was supposed to be a 90-minute, easy ride.” With these ominous words, Kris Gethin starts his discussion this week with his triathlon coach, Alex Viada. Since he began lifting, Kris has embraced intensity in every workout, and every part of his life. And his current goal, of preparing for a full Ironman triathlon in just six months, is definitely intense. But, as Viada tells him, getting there



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