Should you buy it?: Reebok CrossFit Pro Shorts

Just got my Reebok CrossFit Pro Shorts in. I had a weird internal battle about whether or not I should pick these up. When that happens I usually end up purchasing whatever it is; I’ll buy it so you don’t have to. These shorts are size 32″, and they say you should buy a size down but they don’t even make 31″. The size 32 actually fits perfectly, and you’ll have to choose wisely because theres no adjusting these guys. I don’t think they’re worth $130, but that’s all up to you. Here’s a list of shorts that are VERY comparable to these shorts: -Lululemon Assert -Nike Flex Training Shorts -Rhone Mako Shorts -Myles Apparel Everyday Shorts -Virus Airflex Shorts Check out more CrossFit shorts buyers guide for more:



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