Roots of Revolution – The Games in Motion

Stay in one place long enough and you’ll put down some roots. In California, those roots look like a rusty peanut roaster beneath a scoreboard from the 2007 CrossFit Games. A hundred years later, long after the fading 2009 Games banner has disintegrated at The Ranch, someone might dig up a few rusty rods and wonder why they were driven into the ground at the foot of the hill in a seemingly random pattern. They’re roots—artifacts from the fitness revolution. In Carson, the roots are the Pigs, Worms, Big Bobs and signature bumper plates Rogue sold off to local gyms for years; the CrossFit stickers that “decorate” the StubHub Center press box; and the gouges in the walls where heavy barbells came to rest. The roots are also the signature moments tied to the unique geography:



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