Rich Froning & Matt Hewett Workout w/Steve’s Club

â-ºSTEVE’S CLUB INFORMATION: â-º NEW BIAS PROGRAMS: Strength, Conditioning, Gymnastics â-ºWHAT’S RICH DOING & FREEDOM WOMEN TRAINING: Do exactly what Rich Froning, the four-time Fittest Man on Earth, does every day. â-ºMAYHEM APPAREL: Check out all the new Mayhem Gear! â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬â-¬ â-ºVIDEO INFORMATION: Rich Froning & Matt Hewett complete a partner workout with a Steve’s Club group from the Nashville area. 2 PERSON TEAMS (each person completes 15 reps in a row before switching weight) 15 Clean and Jerks @135 15 Clean and Jerks @155 15 Clean and Jerks @185 15 Clean and Jerks @



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