Movement Workout for Abs and Obliques

Movement workout routine for abs and obliques with 2 movement skills of Movement 20XX online course. Routine and more details ➞ Round 1: 3 x Forearm circles: 2 x 180 degrees 3 x Foot step: 10 repetitions Round 2: 2 x Forearm circles: 3 x 180 degrees 2 x Foot step: 10 repetitions Round 3: 1 x Full forearm circles: 40-60 seconds Rest 1-2 minutes between rounds, no rest between exercises during rounds. 3:00 Bonus: Inchworm movement Tutorial videos for these movements and 40+ more can be found from Movement 20XX. — Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete Abs & Diet Guide ⭕️ The shoes I use (the best training shoes I’ve used) âœ- Free



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