Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout for Core, Legs and Arms

Intense 3 rounds kettlebell and bodyweight workout which mainly targets the core, legs and arms. More details in this blog post ➞ Kettlebell and Bodyweight Workout 3 Rounds: – Front squat: 3 x 4 repetitions – Push up to L-sit: 3 x 4 repetitions Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete Abs & Diet Guide ⭕️ The shoes I use (the best training shoes I’ve used) âœ- Free training routine & muscle up guide ➤ Song: Gladiators by Cymatix __ ✅ FACEBOOK: https:// ✅ INSTAGRAM: eerowest ✅ SNAPCHAT: eerowest



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