IFBB Pro Craig Capurso’s Ultimate Back Workout

Let IFBB pro Craig Capurso take you on a heavy-weight, Tabata-style tour of a back workout that will improve your power, strength, muscle size, and muscle endurance. Sales & Specials â-º Shop Cellucor Supplements â-º How much thought have you given to your next back workout? Maybe you’ve got your standard routine all worked out: A handful of exercises; 3 sets of 10 reps; train hard; work for a muscle pump. Your back workout might as well be etched on a stone tablet. For Cellucor-sponsored IFBB physique pro Craig Capurso, however, back day looks a lot different. Capurso likes to say that he doesn’t follow a routine: He follows a plan. No room for error, nothing left to chance. Progression of multijoint back exercises? Check. Varied rep tar



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