How To Train Your LOWER ABS at Home With No Equipment – Knee Raises – Get 6 Pack Abs

Want to train your lower abs at home but don’t have a bar to do exercises like Knee Raises? Then this video is for you! Get Ripped For Free at : So you are told to do exercises like knee raises to hit your lower abs but you don’t have a bar at home? Well in this video I will share with you two ways that I do knee raises at home to train my lower abs that don’t require any equipment. So now you won’t have any excuse to not train your abs and get 6 pack abs right there at home as you now will know how to do one of the best lower abs exercises even if you don’t have a pull up bar. Get Ripped For Free at : How To Train Your LOWER ABS at Home With No Equipment – Knee Raises – Get 6 Pack Abs



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