How to Jump Rope for Beginners (AVOID THESE MISTAKES!) ft. Zen Dude Fitness

Today we’re going to learn how to jump rope for beginners + how to avoid common beginner jump rope mistakes with our special guest Brandon from Jump Rope Dudes [formerly Zen Dude Fitness]. Get the best jump rope workout results by learning these awesome jump rope techniques and tricks that’ll have you going from a jump rope beginner to a jump rope pro fast. Check out the Jump Rope Dudes YouTube Channel here: Subscribe to us for 860+ free home workouts: Please be sure to click the “🔔” next to the SUBSCRIBE button to join our Notification #FBFam and NEVER miss a workout ________________________ ✔ FREE 30 DAY FOOD GUIDE! â-º JOIN THE FIST BUMP FAMILY â-º SUPPORT US HERE http://bit



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