How I Got My Six Pack

Tips and guidance on how to develop a powerful and aesthetic core. Looks and performance are the same thing! Written article with more details ➞ —- #TIMESTAMPS 0:15 Start 1:00 What the core represents 2:17 DIET & LIFESTYLE 5:30 Pursuing health first 6:14 TRAINING 7:00 Where most of my core development came from 8:45 Aesthetics are the side product of performance 9:15 Purpose of isolation core exercises 10:25 Conclusion —- Online Course to learn movement, build mobility and get fit 🔶 https:// Complete Abs & Nutrition Guide ⭕️ The shoes I use (the best training shoes I’ve used) âœ- Free training routine & muscle up guide ➤ __ ✅ FACE



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