Have You Heard the News? New JYM Flavors! | Jim Stoppani

We now carry the widest selection of JYM flavors — anywhere! Muscle-boosting gains never tasted this good! Stay JYM Army Strong, everyone! Try the new flavors here â-º At JYM Supplement Science, innovation doesn’t stop at active ingredients and producing results — we’re innovating flavoring systems as well, which is why no other company offers the delicious selection of pre-workout, post-workout, and protein powders that JYM does. ========================================­===== | New JYM Supplement Science Falvors | Pre JYM Pre-Workout â-º – Strawberry Kiwi – Black Cherry – Refreshing Melon – Island Punch Post JYM Active Matrix â-º Post JYM Carb â-º – Rainbow Sherbet – Mandarin Orang



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