Full-Body Finisher Workout | Sarah Hunsberger, NPC National Bikini Champion

Need a total-body workout to round out your weekly split? NutraBio-sponsored athlete and amateur Olympia bikini competitor Sarah Hunsberger has you covered! Sarah Hunsberger’s Full-Bod Finisher Workout â-º Shop NutraBio Supplements â-º Premium Fitness Plans â-º Building a stage-worthy bikini physique requires intense focus and careful training. Every muscle group warrants its own special workout within the weekly split to help you sculpt amazing lines and killer curves. But as NutraBio-sponsored athlete Sarah Hunsberger knows, the end of the week is a great time to give your muscles a little extra attention en route to achieving your goals. As an NPC Collegiate Bikini Champion and amateur Olympia competitor, Hunsberg



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