From Out of Shape Mom to IFBB Bikini Pro | Amy Updike NLA for Her Athlete Profile

It wasn’t long ago that Amy Updike felt like an overworked, under-rested new mom. Today, however, this NLA-sponsored athlete is an IFBB bikini pro dedicated to teaching other women about the importance of staying fit. Shop NLA for Her Supplements â-º Read IFBB Pro Amy Updike’s Story â-º ========================================­===== Amy Updike’s story will ring a bell for many women who’ve had kids. No matter how diligent you are about staying in shape before you have a child, once your boy or girl comes into the world, everything else seems to take a backseat to taking care of a new life. “After I had my daughter,” Updike says, “I was working full time as a registered nurse, breastfeeding, and feeling like I had to eat a lot to keep up



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