Fraser Vs. Davidsdottir

What happens when the reigning Fittest Man and Woman on Earth do the same workout 1,000 miles away from one another? They pretty much stay neck-and-neck. “When I’m training by myself, I’m imagining training next to Katrin,” Fraser says. “I’m telling myself, ‘Katrin wouldn’t be putting the bar down right now, Katrin would be taking shorter breaks than you.'” Watch Mat Fraser and Katrin Davidsdottir complete a workout with push jerks, pistols, GHD sit-ups, wall-ball shots, handstand-walking and rowing, while Davidsdottir is in Cookeville, Tennessee, and Fraser is in San Antonio, Texas. Video by Marston Sawyers. The CrossFit Journal — ( The CrossFit Games® – The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™



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