Fittest on Earth: Bonus Footage – The Past and the Future

Watch the full “Fittest On Earth: A Decade of Fitness” documentary in the CrossFit Journal ( Rent it for 99¢ on iTunes for a limited time here: Fittest On Earth: A Decade of Fitness The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games were a grueling five-day, 15-event test to find the fittest man and woman on Earth. “Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness” follows the dramatic story of the top athletes who qualified and competed and offers an inside look at what it takes to be among the world’s elite athletes, both in training and on the competition floor. The CrossFit Games challenge competitors to perform intense physical tasks, but the hardest part



Reebok Crossfit Games 2015
1 year fa
168 visualizzazioni
Jill Cooper Allenamento Booty Camp Challenge 27&28 Glutei
1 year fa
178 visualizzazioni
Central Regional – Team Events 3 & 4
2 years fa
195 visualizzazioni
Irvin Felix John – NO LIMITS | Street Workout
2 years fa
269 visualizzazioni
GQ Fitness workout
2 years fa
234 visualizzazioni
2 years fa
188 visualizzazioni
ZEF – Leaders are not born, Leaders become
2 years fa
310 visualizzazioni
Week 5: What Are Your Gym Pet Peeves? | $250,000 Transformation Challenge | 2018
1 year fa
179 visualizzazioni
ALLENAMENTO COMPLETO 20 minuti / Impacto Training TV 2016 1 puntata
2 years fa
235 visualizzazioni
I miei Pasti in FASE DI MASSA ▪ 3 Ricette FIT in cucina con il Team Commando
2 months fa
34 visualizzazioni
Make Beer Dressing
2 years fa
201 visualizzazioni
What is Mobility? (And why it’s so important)
2 years fa
229 visualizzazioni

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