EXPLOSIVE Calisthenic Workout with Warren James Li | American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior Warren James Li pushes his body beyond what mere mortals are capable of. You’ll be exhausted just WATCHING his berzerk calisthenics workout! Coupons & Promos â-º Muscle-Building Supplements â-º Athlete: Warren James Li Instagram: @prove_it â-º https:// Email: warrenjamesli13@gmail.com Videographer: Michael Li Instagram: @no_limits_li â-ºhttps:// Email: michael@nolimitsli.com | Beginner American Ninja Warrior Workout (3 Rounds) | Clap Push-ups – 12 reps Pull-ups – 10 reps L Sits or Knee Sits – 10 reps Box Jumps – 12 reps Battle Ropes – 20 seconds | Advanced Endurance Workout (2 Rounds) | Handstand Push Ups using Wall (Chest facing wall) – 15 reps Toe’s to Bar



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