Epic Pull-Up showdown | Street Workout, Calisthenics

Music by The Artisans Beats – ↔————————————————————————————–↔ 10 round pull-up showdowncheckout this epic pull-up showdown — Jomo Bartholomew, Devin Sosa, Juiceman Flow Uja, Ermias MebaSelassie и Jay Planche. ↔╾╾╾—╾╾★Subscribe WINGATE★╾╾╾╼╼╼╼↔ â-º https:// â-º https:// â-º https:// â-º https:// â-º https:// ————————↔ ★ Subscribe ZEF ★↔————————– â-¶ E-mail: zakaveliclass@gmail.com â-¶ Zef: https:// â-¶ Bar-bar



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