CrossFit Podcast Ep. 17.34: Mike Suhadolnik and Dr. Craig Backs

Dr. Craig Backs and 74-year-old CrossFit Instinct coach Mike Suhadolnik are on the show to discuss longevity, diabetes, obesity and the future of CrossFit. Sevan Matossian, Mike Suhadolnik, Dr. Craig Backs, Andréa Cecil, “Live to 100, Die on Your Feet,” Gary Taubes, CrossFit Instinct, Greg Glassman, CrossFit Health, bariatric surgery, “Enhancing Fitness at Decatur Memorial,” “The War of Art,” Steven Pressfield, Tim Hahn, Molly Hahn, Josh Bridges, CrossFit Decatur, CDC, Coca-Cola. The CrossFit Podcast is also available on: iTunes – Google Play – The CrossFit Journal — (http



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