CrossFit Podcast Ep. 17.31: Josh Bunch

Josh Bunch joins the show and talks about “being better today,” the theme of his book, “Paleo with a Purpose.” Notable Mentions: Sevan Matossian, Josh Bunch, Matt Bischel, Jay Vera, Cara Hipskind, “Paleo with a Purpose,” Practice CrossFit, steroids, “This Atlas robot can do CrossFit better than you,” Dave Castro, Greg Glassman, alcoholism, synthol, Tyson Oldroyd, Ragnar Race, vegetarianism, meditation, Paleo, Rumi, Michael Jordan, tattoos, Warburg, “Tripping Over the Truth,” Travis Christofferson, Otto Heinrich Warburg, ketosis, John McLaughlin (J Mac), Dan Bailey, Mat Fraser, Ricky Garard, Lance Armstrong, Patrick Vellner, Level 1 Training Guide The CrossFit Journal — ( The CrossFit Games® – The Sport of Fitness™ The Fittest On Earth™



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