Cody: “I Decided I’m Tired of Being Overweight.”

Growing up, Cody Young always struggled with his weight. He was 130 lb. as a third grader and weighed in at 320 lb. as a high-school sophomore. At the end of his junior year, he was rejected by a girl and his confidence took a major hit. “I had this warped idea that people didn’t like me because I was overweight,” Young says. “Growing up, that’s kind of what you think. You think that every single thing that’s bad that happens to you, ‘Oh, it’s because I’m fat.’” When Young tackled his first workout at North Rim CrossFit in Chico, California, he was able to finish the prescribed five rounds, but it hurt more than he expected. The experience made him realize he wasn’t in the shape he thought he was. “I decided that I’m tired of being overweight,” Young poste



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