Calisthenics Workout: Dip Exercises & Variations

Calisthenics Dips, Exercises & Variations. 10+ Strength Exercises using the Parallel Bars (Muscles worked: Triceps, Chest & Shoulders primary). Exercises: Dips Crossed arms dip jumps Clap dips 180 jump dips Russian / Elbow dips + Extended and Leg raise / L-sit variations adding more abs/core. Dip jumps (2 variations) Muscle ups (using the parallel bar) Single bar dips Elbow tricep extensions Swing dips For more Calisthenics Tricep Training see also Calisthenics Tricep & Shoulder Street Workout: https:// Also watch 10 advanced bodyweight exercises with kris aka fitness clown https:// Thanks for the support! Kris Karlsson https://



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