CALISTHENICS MONSTER Vadym Oleynik – Inspiration Workout 2017

Vadim Oleynik – Born: 1994. Street Workout, Calisthenics Master, Online trainer. Nationality: Ukraine. Location: Warsaw — Poland ★ Vadim Oleynik ‘s Story ★ I started with MMA. I was doing MMA with 10 years and one day during a competition fight I injured my head and my fighting career was over. I was going to the hospital for one and half months following the incident. The doctor told me I would never be able to fight again. After this accident I started with basic exercises like pull-ups, dips and pushups. I started Street Workout when I was 15 years old. At the time I really didn’t know what Street Workout was all about. I was only thinking about getting a perfect looking body, endurance and strength. ————————— Instagram: Y



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