Calisthenics Abs & Core Exercises (Bodyweight Training)

Extreme Calisthenics/street abs&core workout with 10-15 killer exercises using a bar & bench. FB – Great & effective routine/exercises using bodyweight only! List in video&description. Front Lever raises/pulls Dragon flag + Variations Windshield Wipers Clasp knife (sitting leg raise & crunch combination) Toes to bar Leaning crunches (hanging) Oblique Crunches Oblique Raises Monkey Crunches Side Raises Sitting leg raises Knee raises I use to mix a couple of exercises for each target/involvement of the abs (not necessarily doing ALL these) working with both crunches and raises (straight and the sides) and also core to target all sections in a workout. This workout is suitable for street/park/outdoor/home workout, a killer abs & core workout only using bo



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