Build STRONGER CALVES/Lower Leg Muscles – Workout Routine

Calves Workout with Exercises to improve and get stronger calf muscles/lower legs. No specific gym equipment or machines needed for this workout. Bent leg and straight leg variations, both or single leg, with or without additional resistance, as well as training the front of the lower leg for balance and completeness. Calf workout that works outdoors or at gym (and even at home possibly). Complete Workout Routine (see also the end of the Video for Example Routines). Exercises: Standing Calf Raises, Seated/Bent Knee Calf Raises, Donkey Calf Raises, Reverse Calf Raises, Calf Hops. The royalty free music used in this video is “Street Sweeperz” by Teknoaxe is licenced under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Music: Teknoaxe (



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