Big Book Of Exercises by Men’s Health and Women’s Health

I had the unique and kick-ass opportunity to have fat loss workouts featured in 2 books written by Adam Campbell from Men’s Health. Both are called The Big Book of Exercises and both are awesome.



Rich Piana 5%er & Amanda Doherty talk Nutrition
2 years fa
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WZA Qualifier: Workout 1 Tips and Strategies
6 months fa
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How to do Push Ups for Beginners with Progression | Barstarzz
2 years fa
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The Exact 5 Fat Loss Meals That Helped Me Lose 100lbs And Keep it Off ( Full Weight Loss Recipes )
1 year fa
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Warmup to Stop Knee Pain with Squats (TENDON WARMUP!)
2 years fa
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Raynor Whitcombe’s Shoulders, Arms, & Power Conditioning Workout
2 years fa
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First Time Trying CrossFit Workout GRACE! (Nasty Workout)
2 years fa
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Advanced Back & Biceps Workout | Ripped Remix | Day 26
2 years fa
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12 Different Walking Patterns
2 years fa
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Laizans Daniel 3-rd place on World Street Workout Championship 2015 (Moscow)
2 years fa
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25 Ways to Add a Mini Band to Lower-Body Exercises
2 years fa
270 visualizzazioni
The 200-Rep Butt and Gut Workout
2 years fa
235 visualizzazioni

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