Best Lower Abs Workout and Exercise for Men at Home – TOP 5 LOWER AB EXERCISES FOR MEN

[ Good Lower Abs Workout and exercise for Men at Home – TOP 5 LOWER AB WORKOUT FOR MEN 1. Hanging Knee Raise Knee raises target and isolate the lower rectus abdominus muscles. To perform this exercise, attach arm harnesses to a chin-up bar, secure your arms within them, and let your body hang. Keeping your feet together, raise your knees as close as you can to your chest. Pause at the top of the raise and squeeze your abdominals for two to three seconds. Lower your legs back to the starting position. Repeat until fatigued. 2. Stability Ball Knee Tucks Stability ball exercises provide some of the most efficient training opportunities available, and knee tucks are no exception. Start on all fours with the stability ball beneath your torso. Walk your han



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