A Day in the Life of Rich Froning

â-ºA day in the life of Rich Froning – (Filmed on June 20, 2017) 4x CrossFit Games Individual Champion and current member of the 2x Affiliate Cup champs, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom. â-ºWHAT’S RICH DOING & FREEDOM WOMEN TRAINING: Do exactly what Rich Froning, the four-time Fittest Man on Earth, does every day. â-ºNEW 2018 OPEN PREP/ LIMITED EQUIPMENT: Limited time? Limited Equipment? Want to train more specifically for workouts that are going to be in the Open? Sign Up now! â-ºMAYHEM APPAREL: Check out all the new Mayhem Gear! â-ºRich Social Media: – Instagram – https:// – Facebook – https:// – Twitter



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