60 Minute Brutal Cardio HIIT Tabata Home Workout with Weights – Burn Calories and Get Ripped Fast

SCORCH CALORIES and get RIPPED with this 60 minute brutal HIIT cardio Tabata workout. This Tabata HIIT workout features 100+ exercises and alternates between full body bodyweight exercises and light dumbbell toning exercises to burn fat, improve cardio stamina, tone muscle, train fat loss, and improve your fitness level. If you enjoy Tabata training, then you’ll love this BRUTAL home workout for fat loss. All you need is a pair of light dumbbells and lots of determination. Let’s JUMP START our 2018 goals. How many rounds can you last? ———— VOTE FOR UPCOMING WORKOUTS ———— JOIN THE FIST BUMP FAMILY: SUPPORT US HERE: ———— FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: JOIN OU



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