World’s STRONGEST MAN – HULK in REAL LIFE (Dmitriy Khaladzhi)

Dmitriy Khaladzhi BIOGRAPHY: At the age of 4 Khaladzhi was burned by an overturned teapot with boiling water, 35% of his skin was damaged. He had seven surgeries and received 12 blood transfusions. After the illness his muscles mummified and at age 6, Khaladzhi had to learn to walk again. He performed in the Donetsk circus, doing the acts “Heracles and the Nymphs” and “Heracles and the Bears”. In 2009 he participated in the show Ukraine’s Got Talent, and made it into the finals and refused to participate further. He wrote several stories about the prominent athletes, and was awarded the literary prize The Golden Pen of Rus in 2010. In 2013 he performed a leading role in the movie Ivan (Strong Ivan) about the Ukrainian strong man Ivan Firtsak-Kroton, of the 1930s. All the tricks



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