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What is Mobility? (And why it’s so important)
12 months fa
79 visualizzazioni
Gym Idiots – Dave Castro’s Bogus CrossFit Workout Score plus SQUAT DISASTERS
3 months fa
26 visualizzazioni
How to Burn 100 Calories in Just a Few Minutes
12 months fa
52 visualizzazioni
How To Train Your LOWER ABS at Home With No Equipment – Knee Raises – Get 6 Pack Abs
3 months fa
22 visualizzazioni
Underperforming based on your expectations
10 months fa
63 visualizzazioni
BOOT CAMP: 3-Minute Full Body Workout – GQ’s Fighting Weight Series
12 months fa
59 visualizzazioni
The CrossFit Games – Masters 35-49 Diane & Final Couplet
5 months fa
32 visualizzazioni
HIIT Training–High Intensity Interval Training Workout
12 months fa
66 visualizzazioni
Come vincere la concorrenza – Parte 2 – L’atteggiamento corretto
5 months fa
49 visualizzazioni
Phil Heath and Arnold Schwarzenegger Comparison – Train Like Champions
11 months fa
71 visualizzazioni
Wedding Workout Series: 30 Minute Full Body Sculpt Workout for Fat Burning and Toning
12 months fa
55 visualizzazioni
The CrossFit Games – Individual Muscle-Up Clean Ladder
5 months fa
30 visualizzazioni

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