Working toward better movement, mastering your craft, and loving what you do ft. Dave Lipson

This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I interview Dave Lipson (@davefreakinlipson). Dave is a member of the CrossFit seminar staff, former professional baseball player, and the husband to Camille Leblanc Bazinet. We dive into his experience on the seminar staff, CrossFit’s purpose, coaching, and relationships. Dave is hands down one of the most passionate coaches out there, he offers a lot of knowledge for coaches in this episode and challenges you to be better. Enjoy the show! Brute Hotline: (801) 449-0503 Want a chance to get featured in a future episode? Call in and leave us a voicemail with some questions regarding training, nutrition, mindset, etc. Topics of discussion: [7:04] Being a speaker for the Level 1 Seminar Staff [16:01] Mentors and influences among the staff [21:37]



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