What Men Need To Know About Women And Fitness | Jessie Hilgenberg

When it comes to women and the gym, some common misconceptions need to go. Let’s set the record straight! Shop NLA for Her Supplements â-º Supplements for Women â-º If you know me, you know I’m usually talking to the ladies. But today I wanted to give you guys a glimpse into why ladies love fitness, and what you can do to help them make the most of it. Some of us have spent years building our fitness journeys—carving them into exactly what we want and what we need for self-fulfillment—while others are just starting out. No matter where a woman is on her fitness journey, these things ring true. Keep them in mind the next time your girlfriend, wife, mother, or sister gets in the mindset to train! 1. Fitness Is Crucial to a Woman’s Wel



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