Weighted Dips Workout (Sets & Reps with additional Weight)

Weighted Calisthenics dips workout. Sets: +75kg, +85kg, +95kg and +110 kg singles. See also my other tricep workout videos, also with bodyweight exercises: Extreme Tricep Workout – Calisthenics Heavyweight(ed): Dip variations using Parallel bars: Calisthenics Workout Motivation: Dip Variations / Triceps (HD) Shoulder & Tricep Calisthenics Street Workout: READ: Dips can be very stressful for shoulders. Don’t overload yourself with dips/weighted dips. Be extra careful if you have any problems or weakness in your shoulders or wrists etc. Don’t use weights that you can not manage and always work with form and technique in first place. PARTIAL dips is one alter



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