Upper Back & Calves Workout | Day 54 | Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Hardcore Training Program

The journey is nearly at an end, my friends. I’ll talk tomorrow about life after this program. But for now, let’s crush it one last time! Kris Gethin’s Pre-Intra-Post Supplement Stack â-º Kaged Muscle Supplements â-º Get Kris Gethin’s 8-Week Hardcore Training Program â-º This is it, our final workout together, and by now I’m sure you wish you still had some vapors left to run on. At this point, you’re probably going on sheer determination alone! This journey should have taught you a lot about yourself, who you are as a person, and where you need to learn to dig deeper in life. You should now be more in tune with your body, the food it likes to run on, and the workouts that etch extra detail into your physique. Reach



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