The TRUTH about Losing 340lbs of Fat | Ep 10 | Uncharted: Possible Pat Transformation Journey

Pat speaks candidly about the differences between losing his initial weight and the rigors of prepping for a show. At the end of the day, I damaged my body so bad that I’ll never look like I truly want to look. Workout out saved my life. Free & Flat Rate Shipping | Look for the B-Elite Badge â-º Check Out Pat’s Full Transformation Story â-º | Follow Possible Pat on social Media | YouTube â-º Instagram â-º Facebook â-º I’m Possible Pat. I used to weigh 605 lbs. I lost more weight during my transformation than I actually weigh, 340 lbs. I’m going to tell you about my journey. I ended up having 3,000 to 3,500 stiches across my back. In 36 weeks I’m going to take my body to the lev



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