The Best Wrist Warm-up & Strengthening Routine for Handstands, Calisthenics and Yoga

In this video Peter Carvell shows you a full Wrist Warm-up & Strengthening Routine that will get your wrists ready for Handstands, all Calisthenics exercises and Yoga workouts. When you start doing exercises like handstands, planches or even push-ups it is extremely important to make sure you warm-up your wrists properly to avoid injury or even worse, permanent long term damage that can have you sit out for months on end when you could have been busy mastering all these amazing exercises. In the video above I don’t just show you a full wrist warm-up routine but also how to strengthen them and how to position them so that you don’t cause injury in the first place. Follow this full routine and you will soon have less pain and strong wrist than ever before.



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