The Best Fat Burning Workout Using Just 1 Exercise

Join The Xtreme Challenge Here : In this video I show you my latest 1 exercise fat burning workout. Using just this one full body extreme exercise you will be training upper body, lower body, core and increase your fitness. In fact this is one of the new exercises that the guys are using in the Xtreme 6WeekSixPack Challenge so you know it is going to not just be effective but push you to the limit. But although we use it just as a finisher exercise in the Xtreme Challenge you can in fact use this exercise on its own as a complete workouts and in the video above I show you exactly how to do that so that you can get a great workout in just 10 to 15 minutes. So if you want to burn fat and take your workouts to the next level start adding this exercise today! J



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