The Back Workout For Serious Strength & Definition | Mike Hildebrandt

Dymatize athlete Mike Hildebrandt adds some new positions and rep ranges with this spiked back workout for added strength gains. Shop Dymatize Supplements â-º Sales & Specials â-º Get Mike Hildebrandt’s Back Workout for Strength and Definition â-º Dymatize-athlete Mike Hildebrandt isn’t known for run-of-the-mill workouts, especially on back day. Given his exercise-science degree and extensive personal-training experience, he bypasses simplistic templates for building muscle to create one that’s far more demanding but big on payoff. The entire routine should take 1-1.75 hours. By the end, Hildebrandt says, you should feel the blood pumping in your lats and your back. This workout is not meant for your arms, but if you



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