Team Geico Honda: Learning to Suffer

Mike “LaRocket” LaRocco is a record-setting former professional motocross racer who now serves as team manager for the Geico Honda racing team. To help the team members hone the physical and mental skills they need to further their careers as professional racers, he turns to CrossFit. A friend introduced LaRocco to CrossFit in 2011. When LaRocco decided to bring CrossFit programming to the racing team, he tried to learn all he could, spending time at a CrossFit affiliate and eventually earning a CrossFit Level 1 Certificate. LaRocco believes CrossFit complements motocross because both sports require athletes to do something that fatigues the muscles at high intensity. “And it’s a race,” LaRocco says. These qualities aren’t the only ones the two sports share, LaRocco notes.



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