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Chris McDonald on Training Frequency
6 months fa
64 visualizzazioni
Greg Glassman: The World’s Most Vexing Problem
9 months fa
129 visualizzazioni
L1 Instruction: Shoulder Position in the Overhead Squat
9 months fa
96 visualizzazioni
Brett Grayson: Breaking Barriers
11 months fa
121 visualizzazioni
Nutrition with Lipson: Part 4
1 year fa
128 visualizzazioni
Developing a Coach’s Eye
1 year fa
127 visualizzazioni
Adding value to your classes as a coach
1 year fa
118 visualizzazioni
Loss of Lumbar in the Squat
1 year fa
145 visualizzazioni
Midline Stabilization: The Hip Extension
1 year fa
402 visualizzazioni
Midline Stabilization: Hip & Back Extension
1 year fa
165 visualizzazioni

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