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Exclusive Interview with TDC – Journal Preview
6 days fa
3 visualizzazioni
CrossFit South Brooklyn’s Group Class Expectations: Part 1–Journal Preview
1 month fa
12 visualizzazioni
Per Ignem CrossFit: Through Fire to Fitness
1 month fa
20 visualizzazioni
The Rope Climb (Wrapping)
4 months fa
31 visualizzazioni
CrossFit and Motorcycle Racing: Every Millisecond Counts
4 months fa
31 visualizzazioni
L1 Instruction: Shoulder Position in the Overhead Squat
4 months fa
28 visualizzazioni
My First Throwdown
6 months fa
43 visualizzazioni
CrossFit and Kraus Motor Co.: Building Performance
7 months fa
71 visualizzazioni
The CrossFit Games: Individual 21-15-9 Complex
7 months fa
57 visualizzazioni
CrossFit Proper: Christian Aguirre
8 months fa
47 visualizzazioni

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