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Jacked in 3: Upper-Body Routine | Paul Carter
8 months fa
90 visualizzazioni
Jacked In 3 Training Program
9 months fa
104 visualizzazioni
Crossfitter Learns to Pose Like a Bodybuilder with Q&A
9 months fa
101 visualizzazioni
Clusters: what they are and how to use them
1 year fa
128 visualizzazioni
119: Staying Focused in the Off-Season and Meditating to Improve Mindset Control with Jason Leydon
1 year fa
116 visualizzazioni
FITAID Morning Show Ep.65: The ‘Brute Strength’ Philosophy on Training, Nutrition & Discipline
1 year fa
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Bikini Body Back and Biceps Workout | Imogen Parfitt
1 year fa
120 visualizzazioni
The Weird, Gritty World of Contest Prep | The Podcast | Ep 20
1 year fa
122 visualizzazioni
Athlete internal dialogue, energy conservation, and becoming a coach with Chad Vaughn – Ep.104
1 year fa
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How anthropometrics are effecting your fitness
1 year fa
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